The Moving Check List

When it comes time to move your family from one  location to another, there are so many things to do that it's easy to forget a  few. Here is a checklist and timetable you can follow to make sure that nothing important is left undone.

30 to 15 Days Before Moving...
Sell or give away anything you won't move. Make a list of everything to be moved. Call various movers for estimates.  Consider insurance on movables. Estimate the number of packing cartons that will be needed and purchase  them. Gather and store dental and medical records. Pick up a “Change of Address Moving Kit” from the Post Office. Send out change of address cards, to both the new and old neighborhood post offices. Contact children's schools and have any school transcripts forwarded to the new school. Close local-only store charge accounts, and arrange for all other bills to be forwarded. Make your personal travel plans by plotting your itinerary. Consider travel plans for your pets and make arrangements to transfer your pet's veterinary records to the new location. Immediately prior to the move, plan meals that will use perishable food you already have. For tax purposes, keep a record of all of your moving expenses, and keep receipts of any items you donate to charity. Arrange to disconnect your current utilities and to reconnect utilities at new location.

14 Days Before Moving...
Pack one room at a time and work in consistent blocks of time so your work will be gradual. Check the oil, water, battery, tires and all fluids in your car. Have your car tuned up if needed. Make sure you return any items you've borrowed from libraries and from friends or neighbors. Collect items you've loaned out to anyone in your current location. Arrange farewell visits. Check to see if your large appliances need  to be specially prepared for moving. If your car is to be towed, arrange for the fitting of a tow bar; some cars need special equipment. Ask your bank to release your safe deposit box, and make arrangements to transfer your accounts and funds to a new bank.

7 Days Before Moving...
Pack suitcases and boxes not yet filled. Arrange for a babysitter on moving day if applicable. Get tranquilizers for your pet if it will accompany you in the car as needed. Dispose of, and do not transport any flammable items or liquids. Take down curtains, rods, shelves, and the TV antenna, unless your mover has been instructed to do so, or you have included those items in the sale of your home. Find out whether you can take your phone with you. Ask about credits for phones that may be applied at your new location. Set aside, and prepare any items to be taken in car during the move.

On The Day Before Moving...
Finish packing cosmetic items and clothes you'll wear on the trip. Empty and defrost the refrigerator and freezer and let them air dry for a day. Leave the refrigerator door ajar. Deodorize large appliances with baking soda or coffee. If you live on  a busy thoroughfare, request police to place "No Parking" Signs in front of your house so the moving van won't disrupt traffic.

And Finally, On Moving Day...
Make a final check to guarantee your appliances are ready to be moved. Give the driver detailed, and written directions to your new address. After the moving van is packed make sure you have the appropriate payment ready before the van is unloaded at your new address. Confirm the arrival date and time. Pack your vacuum last so you can reach it easily to sweep new house. Sign and save all copies of bills of lading. Give the mover the address and telephone number of the place you can be reached if you are stopping enroute to your new destination. Before you leave, check every room, closet, and cabinet a final time. Dont forget any attic and basement storage rooms if you have them. Check all locks on the doors and windows to secure the house.

Your organization and pre-planning will take most of the worry out of your move. So, enjoy the change, and relax. You’re in good hands.

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